Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Clipping Mask

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Don't Know Who

Brother Yan

That's Brother Yan. My new character. He is a traveler too. Leaving his village to study at the city.


That's doctor B's graffiti sticker that I putt at highway's bridge.

Mister Master

Mister Master loves his mother very much. They are separated, because he go outside his village to study at the city.

The Doctor B's head at a Glass

Another Monster

I've seen a lot of characters or images with the shape and the theme is like these, that' mean these are not so original, there's a lot of influences in these.

The Doctor B Full Body

The Doctor B character in full body image. Doctor B is a doctor that always bring an axe and the stethoscope. He has a bold and long mustache.
I putt him at a hydrant as you see in the picture, hope that one day he can help the citizen if there is a fire on their neighborhood. May be Doctor B can help with his axe, or use his stethoscope to help the victim. He is a good man.


That's Demoneto and Dark Angel again.
Demoneto describe the dark side of mankind. We can't deny that all of us have some negative sides. And the Dark Angel describe the bright side.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

From a Tutorial Book

My Tattoo Design

Character, Graffiti, Sticker, Photography, and next is Tattoo... some artistic side of me..

Pieces of Me


the Faces

Talk about Graffiti.......................


The Journey Back Home

This picture has uploaded at my older blog....


The Trash Eater

Located at my Campus, that was my friend in the photograph....

The Rose

This is my photography side..... This is a rose, with a little digital editing touch, I just wanna try to make it better....

the Victim

that was the Victim....

Blind Killer

the blind killer is one of the first character that I ever made, beside his sibling Little Robo and Long Time No Kill Girl.... I will make it look better...

Little Robo part 3

He moves.... watch out

Little Robo part 2

Little Robo sit at a bench near the campus yard... he thinks about his destiny at the campus where he have been pushed by a lot of bad guy.

Little Robo

The Little Robo is one of my characters too... look at him, he try to suicide..

Mister Zombie

Inspired by Frankenstein, I call him mister Zombie....


Mister Cool

Mister Cool are one of my characters..... I'll tell and upload more about him

Cans Modivication part 3

This is the another point of view of the CC Zero can. "Great taste zero sugar", was the title. The photograph style is negative too.

Cans Modivication part 2

This is the Doctor B at milk can with negative effect of Photograph.

Cans Modivication

What you see is The Coca Cola Zero thin bottle that have been cute into shorter shape. That was my friend Bom-Bom who make it for me, and I just help to make it look great at the photograph.

Ouw God...I almost forget to tell you that I'm a Sticker's Sticker... I make make characters and stick it everywhere that I like to. This time I stick Doctor B at a milk can.
He said that... " Thank you, nice to be here, make me healthier "

The Doctor B character

The Doctor B character, describe a man with mustache that close his eyes. He is not sleeping or sleepy, but just thinking deeply bout something. It's reminds you that what you see in fact , is does not mean the reality...
I promise too, that next time I will talk more about him, and upload more picture.

The Dark Angel

Ya...this is the Dark Angel.. I'll make more detail about him... just wait and see.

The Demoneto and Dark Angel

Hmmm....that was the Demoneto and the Dark Angel.... like the Papa, The Monster ask them to join the mission.... that was the point where they have to finish their job.

Like the mankind life, we have demon and angel side, just listen to your heart, which one is stronger?
I promise, I'll tell you more about Demoneto and Dark Angel...

The Papa Did It

Finally, the Papa come to the lamp, that's the point that the Monster ask him to do. He ask the Papa to break the lamp....