Sunday, May 24, 2009

No SMS, No Call, No Wall Today

Imagine a day without any new SMS at your inbox, no incoming call, or no wall posted at your account what would that be.......

Today To-Do List

Actually the idea was not so original. But I just try to make an artwork, I can't see my blog with the same old posts all the time. So I decide to post it. You know what " The Biggest enemy of an artist (especially an amateur like me) is facing the day without any new artwork, run out of idea or creativity......aaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhh"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Doctor B by Endah

I have a friend, name Endah Suswanti (real name) that I call Endah Kun Aguero.
She's a Photoshoper (a name for Photoshop expert).
I asked her to do his ability to my "Black and White Doctor B".
And what so see above is the result of her artwork.
She added colors,shadow, etc that make my Doctor B look better.
I'd like to say THANK YOU, ARIGATO, GRACIAS, to Endah Kun Aguero....

Simunthu With Doctor B

an this a version of Doctor B with Simunthus as His Army..... hahahahhahaha

Alotta Simunthu

By using Photoshop, I clone Simunthu. Actually the real Simunthu is still exist nowadays at my village. It's a "man inside" monster, that only appear when people celebrate the Idul Fitri

I Present You..... Simunthu

Simunthu is my new monster.... This is the visualized version of a famous Legendary Monster at my village....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Banner Audition # 4

and this is the last one.... I really need your advice about this.....

Banner Audition # 3

this is the third one.....

Banner Audition # 2

and this is the second one.....

Banner Audition # 1

this is the first choice for my new banner....hope you can give your comment about which one is better

With Background

Alotta Doctor B

Doctor B in white

try to make it in vector's way by using Photoshop....